In the RV with my music, computer, and coffee… aka… My Office

I know… I know…. Not another travel blog, with some person you may or may not know yammering on and on about the endless must see destinations that are out there waiting for you, the most mouth watering restaurants that are hidden gems in the dark alleys that your mom warned you to never walk down, and the best souvenir shops to buy t-shirts and keychains for all your loved ones back home. These blogs are all the same, right?!?

No! Absolutely not! Not this one! Six Wheels, Will Travel is a travel blog far from the normal viewpoint. My name is Annie Streit, and I am a C5 quadriplegic, and I take on life from a wheelchair due to a diving accident in May of 2005…. A wheelchair with “Six Wheels.” I have been blessed with family, friends, and nurses that help me roll through a world that sometimes makes accessibility extremely difficult. When it comes to traveling, those of you who do not have a disability may not be fully aware of just how much planning and equipment is required to make it possible to leave the confines of your home. Those of you who do have a disability are probably shaking your head in agreement and reminiscing of some of your travel nightmares. Maybe you went on a flight and your luggage was lost, and by luggage I am referring to your wheelchair. Maybe your “accessible” hotel room met all the requirements that you double and triple checked about, then there you sit trying to figure out how to fit your 30 inch wide wheelchair through a 28 inch wide bathroom door. The list can go on and on, but who has time for that? I know I don’t… I have places to be, sights to see, miles to travel, locals to meet, and pictures to take!

So, you ask how to try and avoid all those accessible travel mishaps and nightmares? In my case, I went along with Dad’s crazy idea to buy a used RV, and modify it so everything I need is rolling right along with me. As crazy as it may sound, it has worked and since the summer of 2016 we have been racking up the miles in our modified Imperial by Holiday Rambler. It is an accessible 40 foot, pet friendly, hotel room that has everything I need ranging from a roll in shower to a track system that runs almost the full length of the RV that has a lift that can get me from my bed, to my shower, and then to my wheelchair that locks into my designated spot right behind the co-pilot’s seat. So, along with being blessed with this amazing opportunity to travel, I also can share my experiences with so many others that I know are out there in a situation similar to mine. Quadriplegic is not my label…. it is just a small part of what makes me who I am, and who I am consist of many things: I am an Author, Educator, Blogger, Sister, Aunt, Concert Going, Movie Watching, Animal Loving, Family Oriented, Cubs Fan… Just to name a few.

So, thank you for dropping in and checking out my adventures. I hope you find it helpful and entertaining, but most of all my goal is that it helps you or someone you know that has limitations realize that there is so much beauty in this world, and there are so many possibilities.

Whatever the next road trip brings, I am gonna roll with it… You see what I did there? Of course you did… Now let’s go!!!

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